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After 4 years on the Apple Store, Gym Geek has been removed from the store by me.  Please read the following post to learn more.

Latest Version 3.2.1

Gym Geek Workout and Fitness Log - Ducky Software



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Many people workout week after week without showing improvements or worse, they spend a ton of time in the gym and show a little improvement. Why is that? They fail to implement the principles of overload. To maximize your workouts you need to consistently apply more overload to your body. Whether the overload is through more reps, more weight or less rest.

Gym Geek helps you to do this by telling you how much you lifted and how many times last time and tells you when your rest period is over. This is a big deal. If you rest for different lengths of time between your workouts you can’t tell if you are actually improving. You should always be improving everytime you go to the gym. Let Gym Geek help you realize your fitness goals.

Here are some of the features you’ll find in Gym Geek. Good luck with your fitness goals!

• voice prompts guide you through your workout

• download workouts from the Gym Geek Community and then rate the workouts so others in the community can find good workouts.

• share your own workouts with the Gym Geek Community

• rewards for when you lift more weight which you can share on Facebook if you desire

• use weight-lifting supersets or regular sets in your workout

• view videos of the exercises being performed by experienced bodybuilders

• review descriptions of each exercise with still images to help explain how to perform the exercise.

• tracking and recording of cardio exercises and weight lifting exercises

• quickly see your performance from previous workout sessions by exercise or by weight-lifting set

• set goals for cardio and weightlifting exercises

• entry of weights and distances in English or Metric units – pounds, kilograms, kilometers, miles, yards, meters, etc…

• keep notes for an exercise or an individual set


Evolution of Gym Geek

Version 3.0.2

This version included fixes for the Gym Geek Community login not working and a fix to the set page that didn’t show the correct history when being guides through a workout.  This version also included updated screen images for the Apple App store.



Version 3.0.1

In 2014, version 3.x went onto the app store.  This version supported the new iOS 7 operating system and had major enhancements including a community upload and use of Apple’s text to speech engine to guide users through the workout.



Version 2.x

During 2012 and 2013 version 2.x supported.  This version used Google’s text to speech engine.  To speed up the translation, any encoded strings were maintained locally so if the application needed to speak the same thing more than once it would use the cached version.


Version 1.x

In 2011, Gym Geek 1.0 was released.  This first version was very basic, but it contained the essential makings of a workout application.