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Sail Speed

“Sail Speed” is a mobile application built for Apple iOS iPhones and Android devices.

“Sail Speed” shows your speed and heading based upon GPS information.

The speed is shown in a large, red, 7-segment style to resemble LED on a hardware device.  Red is used because it is the most visible color in the color spectrum.

The application would be good to use for sailing or kayaking as long as the phone was put in a water proof, clear case.


Here’s the brochure advertising Sail Speed on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



Version 1.0.0 Main Screen

Apple iOS Version


Android version.


Satellite Connectivity

The satellite dish image that resides in the middle bottom half of the screen will slowly pulse red when the satellite connection is bad or the quality is more than 163 meters.

When the quality is between 163 and 48 meters the dish image will remain red and pulse quickly.

When the quality is better than 48 meters the dish image turns green and does not pulse.

 About Page

The About page can be accessed by touching the top portion of the screen.

On the About page, you can lock the rotation of the application to portrait.  This is useful if you are holding the device and the conditions prevent you from maintaining a steady hand.

Configuration Options

Change Speed Units

By touching on the bottom right side of the application a dialog is presented that allows you to change the units that speed is calculated in.  The following units are supported:

  • Miles Per Hour (MPH)
  • Kilometers Per Hour (KPH)
  • Knots Per Hour (KTH)

Reset Accumulated Distance

By touching on the bottom left side of the application a dialog is presented that allows you to reset the accumulated distance.  The distance is accumulated while the application is in the foreground each time the GPS provides a new location update.  This provides a very fine level of granularity.  When the application is backgrounded, the location is stored.  When the application is brought back to the foreground the last saved location is compared against the next location message to calculated the distance.

Sail Speed Hardware

Sail Speed will also be a purchasable piece of hardware for catamarans and small sailboats.  The display has two visible sides so that no matter what tack you are on, the information is easily visible.

The display uses a AVR micro controller and 1.2″ tall, 7 segment LEDs to show the information.  The display has its own GPS so you don’t need to take your phone on your sailboat and risk getting it wet.

The track data is saved to the device and can be downloaded to the Sailspeed mobile application via Bluetooth.

The case is being done by me on a 3D printer.  I’m pretty excited about this project and having a lot of fun working on it.


If you have any questions regarding “Sail Speed” please drop an email to support@duckysoftware.com.