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Training Recommendation for React through Codecademy

I’ve been recently getting into Electron for developing cross platform desktop apps and I’m using Facebook’s React as the JavaScript library.

I wanted to pass along a free course that I took to learn React that I think others would enjoy.  You can read through the React tutorials on Facebook’s site, but I’d recommend starting off with Codecademy’s courses because they are interactive.

I took both of the React courses that Codecademy offers:

Learn ReactJS: Part 1

Learn ReactJS: Part 2

What I liked most was the interactive nature of the course.  The courses focus on you writing the code and not just reading a webpage.  Each section is short so you don’t get bogged down and after you read the section you write some code in the editor that is on the same page.  After writing the code you click a button for the code to run and Codecademy checks the code to see if you did what was asked.

What was very nice is that I never felt left in a position of not knowing what to do.  Sometimes I’d make a mistake and there would be a suggestion about what I may have done wrong.   Most of the time, the suggestion was dead on.

One recommendation is that you shouldn’t cut and paste the code.  It’s better if you write the code out manually so you get familiar with the syntax.  If you cut and paste it’s kind of cheating yourself because you don’t absorb as much of the syntax.  I tried not to refer to past examples and just relied on my memory as I wrote the code for each lesson which, I felt, allowed me to get the most out of the training.

There are some bugs with the Codecademy’s interface, but they are minor.  Plus, if you encounter any problems you can leave a comment for Codecademy.  I left a couple of comments to help them out.  Just so I’m clear, there were no bugs with the content of the training, the bugs were in the interface.  For example; occasionally, when you asked the code to run it would never respond.  If you find the code doesn’t respond in about 10 seconds then reload the page.  The good news is that whenever this happened, my changes were still there and nothing was lost.  This was a minor inconvenience.

This was a very nice course that gave me a good introduction to React.  After completing the two courses I find I have enough information so I can use this language confidently.