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Speedometer for Sailing and Kayaking

For sailboats, the speedometer is a device with two LCDs that attaches to the boat’s mast. The benefit is that the sailor can see the speedometer regardless of the tack they are on. This is particularly nice for sailboats that have a rotating mast.

For kayaks, the speedometer is a single LCD device which attaches directly in front of the paddler so they can see it at all times.

The speedometer has several features of higher end speedometers such as:

  • displays your speed in a large readout that can be set to Miles, Knots or Kilometers
  • displays your heading using  compass heading
  • displays your total distance traveled since the unit was turned on
  • switch for turning on the back-light for nighttime operation


The software and hardware are open software and hardware so anybody can build the speedometer for themselves.  For those less interested in building and more interested in sailing or kayaking, you can purchase a completely assembled and ready to use version.