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Gym Geek is no more

After 4 years of having Gym Geek on the Apple App Store, I didn’t renew my Apple Developer subscription this year and now Gym Geek has been removed from the store.

This was a tough decision.  I’ve enjoyed Objective C programming, but with the “race to the bottom” mind set of mobile application development, it’s no longer financially viable.  I’ve always had a steady number of downloads and it was a great experience communicating with people that used the application.  I’ve received some great comments and very positive feedback, but those don’t pay the Apple subscription.

I might bring it back in another version with a different name.  The subject of cross-platform development is interesting to me and I’ve done some prototyping using Xamarin and Unity3D which both have potential, but right now, I feel like it’s a been there done that type of thing and I wouldn’t learn anything that beneficial.

I’ve got several other hobby projects that I want to focus on first:

  • Sail Speed is my current hobby project that I want to take to completion
  • Boat monitoring via WiFi and cellular will likely be my next hobby project.  I have a boat that is about an hour away from my house.  I would like to market a solution for an Arduino based product that takes pictures once every 5 minutes and uploads them to a server.  Then, I’d like to write an application for the Windows 10 store that allows you to add a widget to your desktop so you can monitor your boat.
  • There’s also an application that is based on the “forgetting curve” that I’m very interested in writing.  This would require some mobile app development and some website development using AngularJS.  The idea is to help college students or really, anyone who wants to retain information, by writing a program that will ask you questions from a stack of questions which are in your “forgetting curve”.  It could be helpful to  a lot of people and I like the idea of doing cross-platform mobile development and doing some AngularJS.
  • Then I’ve got a crazy attic storage idea that uses robots for putting away boxes and allows you to interact  with the robot for storage and retrieval.  It’s pretty out there, but its something that has caught my interest.

So, after I get some of these other hobby projects out of the way and also, as always, keep up on the latest technologies for my day job, I might return to the world of fitness applications.  Who knows…there’s so many interesting things to learn.

Please drop me an email if you have an opinion on this.  The About page has my email information.