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Sail Speed Update

Just a quick update on my latest project called Sail Speed which is a speedometer made for small sailboats.

The project is going well.  I’m using an Atmel ATMEGA328P microprocessor as the brains. The microprocessor is communicating with 6, 7-segment LEDs using a persistence of vision concept so that only 7 pins and 3 grounds are needed to drive all of the LEDs.

I’m connected to my computer via a USART FTDI connection so I can show debugging messages.

I’m just now starting to integrate with the GPS component.

The GPS component will return the speed and heading which I will alternately display on the 7 segment LEDs.

All of this will be wrapped up in a 3D printed case made to attach to the sailboats boom.  I’ve decided upon the Printrbot because of reviews in Make magazine.

All in all, everything is going smoothly and I expect to have the product to market by the time sailing season is here.