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Gym Geek what features to add or defects to fix in next release

I’m planning the next release of Gym Geek which will be version 3.3 and I’d like to know what the community thinks.

What features are missing or defects need fixed?

I’ve started a thread on the Gym Geek Community Forum where we can exchange ideas.  If you’d rather email please use the support email (support@duckysoftware.com).

Thus far the following items are on the list:

1.) Enhancement – Add a feature to completely disable the speech engine. I’ve had many people mention they would rather have the app not speak.

2.) Bug – I noticed that I can’t create supersets. I could’ve swore this was fixed in the last release, but the other day when I tried to create a superset the application crashed.

3.) Bug – the re-ordering of workouts feature on the main page does not work.

4.) Bug – when trying to delete an exercise from a workout the app crashes. The exercise is deleted when the app is re-loaded, but very irritating that it crashes.

5.) Enhancement – remove the Timer page. It’s ugly and doesn’t match the rest of the app.

6.) Enhancement – The statistics page is OK, but the graph could be a “lot” better.

7.) Bug – The speech is wrong if I change my goal during the rest period. When the speech tells me what to do, it doesn’t use my new goal information.

8.) Enhancement – On the Exercise list page (after you drill from the workout page), at the bottom is a list of the “workout scores” which shows the percentage of goals met and the length of the workout. It would also be nice if it showed the total weight lifted and the total reps done.

9.) Deleting a workout from the main page crashes the application.  The workout is deleted when the application is reloaded, but very frustrating that it does it in the first place.