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Sail Speed has been released on Android (iPhone version in review)


Sail  Speed is a speedometer and heading display designed for sailing and kayaking.

The application is free on the Google Play Store and as soon as Apple approves it, it will be free on the Apple App Store.

Android can be downloaded here.


When the Apple version is released I’ll post a link here.


The future of this product is to connect the phone to a waterproof box that contains a 3-digit, 7-segment LED.  The LED will show the speed based upon the information from the phone.

This product is being developed primarily for sailors and kayakers.

The sailing version of the water proof enclosure will be designed to nest along the bottom of the mast and there will be LEDs are either side so you can see the speed regardless of a port or starboard tack.

The kayak version will include an enclosure that has a low profile and sits in front of the paddler.


No timeline yet when this will be released, but getting the phone applications released was the prerequisite.  Now that the phone apps are available, work can begin on the microcontroller development and the water-proof enclosure design.

Please drop me an email if you have any questions.  My contact information is on the About page.