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Programmer’s Tray Update 20170225

The programmer’s tray application has been moving along. A GITHUB project has been created to host the application’s source code.  Thus far, I’ve been sticking with the Electron and NodeJS API’s and not adding anything else.  For the CSS library I’m using Photon because I think it gives the appearance of a desktop application.

The Programmer’s Tray Wiki has some  sequence diagrams that illustrate how the applications loads and how the quick commands feature is handled.

All data is currently maintained locally.

I’m planning to add the following sub-modules to the navigation pane on the left side of the page:

  • Quick Commands – maintains a list of self-managed, commonly typed commands that you can select to copy to the clipboard.
  • Quick Scripts – maintains a list of self-managed calls to scripts that you write.  For example; if you want to have a command that is quickly accessible to delete log files from a directly you would write the batch file and then add a link to execute the script.  The link would then be available under the programmer’s tray tool icon and accessible in the context menu.
  • POM Parser – provides simple parsing of a Maven POM file to show:
    • prompt user for the POM file to parse
    • if POM file has a parent it will prompt for the parent POM file until the top level POM file is found.
    • shows the POM hierarchy in a PlantUML component diagram
    • list of dependencies
    • list of managed dependencies
    • shows the Maven life cycle and which plugins are assigned to each phase
  • Java to PlantUML – prompts the user to select the
    • select the Java file to parse
    • shows the implements class or classes if they exist
    • shows the extends class if it exists
    • shows the list of member variables
    • shows the list of methods
    • generates the code for a PlantUML class diagram which can be copied
    • shows the PlantUML diagram