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Programmer’s Tray Application Started

I’ve been wanting to learn more about developing with Electron and NodeJS.

For me, nothing beats hands on experience for learning so I’ve decided to write a simple application that contains several features that I may find useful on a day to day basis.

I haven’t decided the order these features will be done, but here’s the list.

  • Java to PlantUML – I’ve really grown fond of the PlantUML utility for generating UML diagrams.  I used to use Visio’s UML stencil and while it wasn’t bad, the sequence diagrams were hard to modify and the interface required a lot of switching from keyboard to mouse input.  I’ve found the the PlantUML utility coupled with the Atom text editor offers a nice solution.  Plus, since there is also a PlantUML viewer available for Confluence the diagrams can be viewed, shared and edited in a team environment.  This sub-module will help in the generation of models from existing Java source.  My specific need isn’t to generate every class in a source package, but to allow me to start with one class and continue to add classes until I have what I need to describe the design.
  • POM Parser – there are numerous tools provided by Maven and others to parse POM files.  They just never seem to do exactly what I’m thinking so I’d like to write another.
  • Programmer’s Log – simple day to day log files with tasks that can be checked off and prioritized.  The entries will also be searchable.
  • Quick Commands – list of self-managed command line commands that I need quick access to on a day to day basis, but never seem to remember
  • Quick Scripts – list of self-managed calls to scripts that I need to execute on a day to day basis and I get tired of finding them in a folder or on the Windows quick access view

The utility will be downloadable and updatable and will most likely require an account to access.  Why am I doing all of this?  Just to learn Electron and NodeJS with something simple.

After writing this little utility, I feel I’ll have enough of a base knowledge to take on my bigger plan of writing the Study Better application that uses the learning curve.  More on this in the future.