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Programmer’s Tray Update 20170225

The programmer’s tray application has been moving along. A GITHUB project has been created to host the application’s source code.  Thus far, I’ve been sticking with the Electron and NodeJS API’s and not adding anything else.  For the CSS library I’m using Photon because I think it gives the...
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Getting Started With Electron Development

Electron is a framework that allows you to write desktop applications using web technologies.  It allows you to write applications that look like desktop applications, but under the hood, they are web pages.  Electron also allows you to access the power of the NodeJS library and to access...
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Training Recommendation for React through Codecademy

I’ve been recently getting into Electron for developing cross platform desktop apps and I’m using Facebook’s React as the JavaScript library. I wanted to pass along a free course that I took to learn React that I think others would enjoy.  You can read through the React tutorials...
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